Vacation Thoughts/Learnings

Well, my summer vacation is officially over as I head back to work tomorrow. I very much enjoyed my time relaxing with the family. I was able to travel to Michigan, read 4 books, get some projects done around the house, take care of some vehicle maintenance, visit the doctor, and most importantly enjoy time with my wife and kids.

The Lord has been doing some cool things in my life this month as well. July was spiritually dark for me, but the light of Christ has been shining in more and more. I have faced some sin and struggle head on by confessing it and asking for prayer. I have spent time with godly mentors talking and following in their example. I have heard from Jesus while reading His Word and a couple books that expound that word. Here's a few key learnings:

- confession to another Christian lightens the burden on the soul
- confession is not easy because we'd rather self-forgive than expose our sinfulness
- I continue to struggle trying to obtain the honor of man, rather than honoring God
- if I strive to exalt Christ above all else, what else do I have to worry about?
- I've worried to much about my image at work, not enough about God's image coming through me at work
- I need to be open with my struggle against depression and deal with it, rather than hid it or battle alone
- some things will always be thorns in a Christian's side, this is to keep us constantly returning to Jesus for help, because if he wiped it all away what need would our forgetful minds have of Him, we'd forgot and begin to give ourselves the glory
- other things the Lord will burn away if we keep brining it to his refining fire
- I have some great neighbors
- I have an amazing wife, great kids, and a blessed life that I don't deserve
- it would be wise for me to put a higher priority on rest/sleep and set aside time in the morning before I leave for work to have coffee and fellowship with the Lord