Communication Skills

Communication is something that I always considered myself good at. I've realized that the lenses I was viewing my communication skills through was very narrow. I am a good communicator as a speaker and a preacher. Give me a small amount of prep time and a stage and I can get a message across, usually with clarity, relevance, and meaning.

However, there are other forms of communication that I am not so adapt at. Communicating what I am thinking and planning is difficult. So is communicating my feelings and personal thoughts. I often choose to be quiet instead of speaking out. One of the things I'm working on as a leader is communicating to my peers what I want to see happen. I have the picture and plan in my mind, and sometimes I assume that others know what I'm thinking without verbalizing it.

Improving my communication is something that I can work on. It may never be a strength, but it is an ability I can develop so that it doesn't become something that will hold me back.