Recap of my Pheasant Hunt 10/18-19

I had a great time pheasant hunting with my neighbor earlier this week. We went out to southwestern MN and didn't see quite as many birds as we hoped, but we had fun nonetheless. One thing we learned is that I am a terrible shot; I fired the most shells but wasn't able to bring one bird down.

One funny part of the trip was Tuesday night when we were ready to head to the hotel. We found out that we had failed to book a room ahead of time, and when we started looking for a place in town we learned that everything was full. Thinking that finding a room midweek in small town MN would be easy, we were shocked that everything was booked up. We ended up having to settle for a room at a 'motel no-tell' in a small town 25 miles south of where we were. And to add insult to injury we found out, contrary to what we'd be told over the phone, that the only room available was a smoking room. It was frustrating but funny at the same time.

This was my first real hunting trip, and despite the lack of birds and the smelly hotel room, I had a blast and I'm looking forward to more trips in the future.