The Type of People You See at Church Conferences

A long distance friend of mine, Jason Young, blogged about 11 types of people you see at church conferences. Funny stuff that I have seen first hand. Here's who he listed....

  • The Nomad (they just walk around, thankful to not be at their church)
  • The Cool Cat (they just want to be seen with popular people)
  • The Seeker (they are broken and desperately looking for help)
  • The Groupie (they just love conferences)
  • The Coach (they bring their team to get pumped up)
  • The Golden Boy (they need the next new trick to save their church and/or job)
  • The Hater (they are forced to be there by the pastor or church)
  • The Consumer (they take in every leadership talk possible)
  • The Model (they like showcasing their new and cool clothes)
  • The Networker (they want to expand their social web of relationships)
  • The Collector (they get all the free stuff they can)