Contentment and Coveting

Contentment. The call to it is all over the Bible.

The opposite is coveting. Coveting is more than simply wanting stuff. At it's root it is wanting something else besides God.

1st and 10th Commandments are bookends, cause and effect statements. Loving God is the engine, being content is the caboose. Coveting erodes contentment.

You covet whatever it is that makes you think, "If I had it....." then everything would be great.

Contentment is a secret in this way: the things that make us feel content here on earth are pointers to something greater that isn't found here on earth. The reason so few people find true contentment is that they stop at the pointer and fail to go on to the reality.

Contentment is also hard to find because of our sinful nature. We try to find contentment in ministry/marketplace success. Will always be a battle. Because there is always something else, another this or that, to strive for.

The deception is that because somethings give us a taste of contentment, we think more of them will give us ultimate contentment. And what happens is that we turn our successes into idols.