If You Can't Figure Out Pants - Keep Them On!

At the retail store I manage I see all kinds of people. One of the people types that bothers me the most is the 20-something dude, pushing around a stroller, who can't figure out how to keep his pants secured over his underwear and around his waist. It absolutely drives me nuts that guys like this are allowed to have and take care of children.
Am I stereotyping - yes.

Do I really think there should be some kind of law that prevents people from having or raising kids - no.
But come on. Look into the future with me. What happens to that kid in the stroller? What will home life look like for the kid whose Daddy stills rides his skateboard around the driveway and spends his Saturday nights drinking beer and playing Halo. Who will read to that kid? Who will teach him about courage and humility and chivalry.

What really ticks me off is the fact that young women allow themselves to get sucked into relationships with these dummies. It is not the girls I'm ticked off at, because it is likely their dads and their upbringing that are at the root of their problems. I just wish the girls who become mommies way to young would be more wise about how they find the love they are looking for and that they would do more to protect themselves from the lies and desires of young men.

Ladies, if a guy can't figure out how to wear pants he will not be able to figure out how to be a great daddy! Run away from these dudes. You are too beautiful and have way to much to offer a real man. Don't look for the false love that is thrown at you. You're worth more than any guy in a pair of dotted boxers (I know they're dotted because I can see them as a I walk behind you) could ever afford.