Martin Luther - A Man for Jesus

Tonight Stephanie and I made some homemade popcorn and watched the movie Luther. What an inspiring movie recreating the events of the Reformation started by Martin Luther's nailing of his 95 Theses onto the Wittenberg Church doors in 1517.

Luther is portrayed in the movie as a man who deeply cared about Jesus Christ and who demanded that all people be given the opportunity to read God's Word and come to love Jesus themselves. Luther was a monk who became so infuriated with the abuses of power and the wrong handling of Scripture happening in the Catholic Church of his day that he began preaching and writing extensively against such practices. His biggest hang-up was the idea of people buying indulgences, which is a fancy word for 'get out of hell' promises.

I was inspired as I watched the film at Luther's battle against his own self-doubt and what he perceived to be the influence of Satan. Luther really battled to know and love Jesus and he committed himself to passing along to others the chance to experience God's mercy.