Plugged Into the Events of the Family

Tonight I spent over an hour updating my Google Calendar with all the events coming up for my family in the next few months. Man, we have a lot going on! The kids are starting up a new session of gymnastics and Stephanie's basketball session beginning in couple weeks, plus I'm heading into the most hectic time of the year in retail. All that means the we're going to get pretty busy.

As the leader of my home it is critical for me to stay on top of the details, which is something I haven't always done a great job of. My personality type is more of a doer than a talker. I want get moving instead of continually rehashing the details and making sure every corner is covered. It is a great trait for getting things done, but it can cause me trouble when I overlook things or under plan. And it is not fair to my wife and family when they have to bear those consequences.

So I'm working at getting more involved with the details so I can support my wife and contribute to the smooth functioning of our family life. And utilizing a tool like Google Calendar (with reminders!) is a small way for me to better do that.