Rundown of My Day

clean the kitchen
coffee shop and personal reading
Andrew gymnastics
pick up a Redbox
clean the piano room (used the Dyson!)
do the dishes
set-up the Christmas music, nativity and wreath
cook lunch
watch movie with Andrew
sledding and snowballs with Andrew
bake cookies with Andrew
clean the kitchen
(Izzy home from school)
read books with Izzy
cookies and milk with Izzy and Andrew
(Jacob home from school)
Jacob goes to friends
Izzy has friend over
Jacob comes back home with friend
do a little personal reading
cook dinner
Jacob school conference (he's doing GREAT!)
eat dinner w/ Stephanie
watch a little Free Willy with the family
bedtime prayers and songs
Bible reading and journal (1 Cor 1)
TV w/ Stephanie
good night