10 Things that I am Thankful For...

1. I am saved by Jesus Christ who gave himself as a sacrifice for my sin and by his grace gave me faith to believe in him
2. I am being made whole and holy day by day, slowly but surely, through the power of the Holy Spirit
3. I am married to an amazing woman filled with love, forgiveness, hospitality, and spunk
4.I have 3 amazing children who are healthy, energetic, loving, playful and friendly
5. I had a mother and father who modeled Christian faith for me as a child and who continue to bless my family and I today
6. I have brothers and a sister who get along and would do anything for one another
7. In-laws who have blessed our family many times and who love our children so much
8. I have a job which provides for the needs of my family plus a little extra for the 'fun stuff'
9. I live in a country that provides freedom for faith, reward for hard work, and so many opportunities to shape your own future
10. All of the friends, memories and experiences I have accumulated during my first 30 years