12 Gifts of the 2010 Christmas

This is a condensed compilation* of my family's favorite gifts this Christmas. Thank you to everyone who made it memorable with your love and generosity.

12. Reading the Christmas story with the Balvin family and creating stars
11. Brenton's Think book by John Piper
10. Stephanie's absolutely awesome hair straightener
9. Andrew's Imaginex ambulance
8. Isabelle's CD player
7. Jacob's Moose themed pajamas
6. Family Membership to the Children's Museum
5. Andrew's Thomas the Train sets
4. Jacob's DSI-XL and many games to go with it
3. Stephanie's glittery scarf and clothes pin picture frame
2. Isabelle's Rebekah American Girl doll and some cute outfits
1. Brenton's Taylor Made driver and zip up golfing vest

*Gifts are not ranked by coolness and many other awesome gifts were left off this list for the sake of time.

** One more: all the date night supplies like Wild tickets, movie tickets, and restaurant gift cards!