Andrew's Memory game Tactics

Last week I was playing Memory with my 4 year old, who by the way, is amazingly talented at that game! As we were playing I noticed that he had this little habit that was helping him get the edge on me. When it was his turn, if he accidentally flipped over a card he knew was there, or that he thought was something else, and it wasn’t what he wanted, he’d flip the card back over again and pick two more. I called him out on it a couple times, but then I decided that winning all the matches in a game of Memory with my toddler son isn’t all that impressive so I quit making a big deal of it and let him get away with the extra moves.

As I think back on 2010 and even years previous to it I can’t help but think, “It is too bad I haven’t used that strategy with some of the decisions I’ve made in my lifetime." I could have avoided myself some pain and struggling if I had more quickly ‘flipped the card’ back over and made different choices along the way. That is the choice we have every time we are confronted with temptation. Flip the card over and start again, our waste 'a turn' doing something we no offers no lasting value.

In Memory wasting a turn doesn't mean much, but in the scope of eternity it does.