Hitting the Target in 2011

I'm working on a list of 2011 targets. These are targets that if I can continually move towards the center and hit the bulls-eye, my joy and love for God and others will deepen, and my life will be increasingly filled with happiness and fulfillment. Here's what I have so far. If you have any additions leave a comment.

Target #1 - Knowing God More Intimately
Target #2 - Knowing God More Scripturely
Target #3 - Fight Your Sinfulness More Courageously
Target #4 - Living Your Life More Healthy
Target #5 - Loving/Respecting Your Spouse More Selflessly
Target #6 - Raising Your Children More Graciously
Target #7 - Serving Your Church More Faithfully
Target #8 - Working More Purposefully
Target #9 - Reaching Out to Your Neighbors More Intentionally