10 Mistakes Church Websites Commonly Make

I've been visiting a lot of church websites recently and I can't say  I have been overly impressed.  Developing a great website is difficult and it can be expensive, but websites are the new 'front door' for many church visitors, and if your virtual front door is ugly and outdated people may never visit your real one.

The following are 10 mistakes (IMHO) that I see commonly on church websites:

1. Designed by someone in 1990.
2. Too many clip-art doves and angels floating as background images.
3. No pictures or information about the pastors.
4. No media.  No podcasts, service videos, welcome videos.
5. Large Google maps to the building on the homepage.
6. Horrific color schemes - like pink and teal and light blue.
7. Dead links.
8. Outdated information - like promoting events from 3 months ago.
9. Way too many expanding links.
10. Too much information.  Not simplistic.