Funny Izzy Quote #6729

Tonight my daughter had trouble completing a small clean-up task that I asked of her and so she was told she'd be receiving a consequence for her choice after her friend went home. 
Later in the evening Izzy said, "Dad, remember I am getting a consequence?" 

To which I replied, "Yup in a little bit and you are not going to like it." 

Then Izzy said (with shoulders slouched), "I know what my consequence is.  You said I am not going to like it, so I know that my consequence is cleaning my room." 

"Exactly right," I answered while trying not to bust out laughing.
Isabelle is so funny and smart.  She makes me laugh and smile everyday with her wittiness and reasoning skills.  I have to stay on guard all the time or she will catch me on a technicality or loophole she finds in everything.