How I Talk to God

Last week I posted about making space to hear God speak to you. Listening to God is difficult for me because I am such an action oriented person. When I enter into prayer I often rush through all my prayers, finish what I have to say, and head off to the next thing. That kind of attitude in prayer doesn't leave any room for God to speak.

The times that I have heard from God are the times that I have sat quietly and waited. I have never heard an audible voice. Instead when God speaks it is usually a voice I hear I in my mind. Try this: close your eyes and say I want a cheeseburger without talking out loud. Can you hear yourself talking in your mind? That is how I hear God. Only I don't have to create the words. Jesus speaks and I recognize his voice. It is a loving, kind voice. It is a voice that speaks the truth of the Bible and never contradicts the Bible. That is how you can test if it is you or God (or an enemy of God) speaking. Check the Bible. God always speaks his word from His Word.

Sometimes when I am quiet before God I don't hear him. I just sit and wait, or my mind drifts. Sometimes when I listen for God to answer a question I have he instead will talk to me about something else. That is part of the process. Jesus wants a relationships with me. He will not just answer my questions like a holy sage in a monastery. You must cultivate that relationship and then Jesus will increasingly guide you to the places he wants you to go.