Quit Trying to be Perfect

Thanks Justin.
To the pastors who are reading this, many of you are weary and burdened. You think you have to be perfect. Perhaps, like me, that has driven you your entire life. You think your people expect you to be perfect. And, though you don’t think this theologically, in your heart you just might live by the lie that you must do all things perfectly in order for God to be happy with you.
Pastors, quit trying to be perfect and let Jesus love you.
Your Father knew all about your sin, flaws, wounds, and baggage when he called you to shepherd his sheep. Jesus doesn't demand your perfect performance, he summons you to find rest in his perfect love for you, and to let that deep, deep acceptance be what drives and transforms your ministry.
Being a pastor is a great joy, but it’s also really hard. You can spend the next 30 years as a weary, fake, trying-hard-to-be-perfect-for-Jesus-and-my-church pastor. Or, you can quit trying to be perfect and let Jesus love you, and you can watch how that will change everything in your life and in your ministry.