Reformed Theology Resources

Over the last five years my life has changed dramatically.  Not suprisingly my theology has changed some as well.  Life experience tends to shape us and inform how we understand God and the Bible.  This isn't always good, because sometimes we give too much weight to our experiences/feelings and we blatantly ignore or misinterpret the Bible to say what we are wanting it to say.  However, when life makes us press into faith and really examine what the Bible says about something there is a real opportunity to mature and grow and change. 

This is the type of theological shift I have experienced.  I have looked more deeply into the teachings of Scripture and tried to build as comprehensive an understanding as possible as it relates to what the Bible teaches regarding who God is and how he interacts with human beings and the world.  This looking into the Bible has brought me to a place of affirmation for what is tradionally known as Reformed Theology, and more popularily (or unpopularily) known as Calvinism, after the teachings of pastor and theologian John Calvin.

Steve McCoy has posted a list of links on his blog to books and websites you can view to learn more about Reformed Theology.  It is not an exhuastive list but it is a great foundation that I would recommend you check out if you're wondering about who God is and what the Bible teaches about Him.