You Have to Make Space to Listen if You Want to Hear

As a Christian who believes Jesus is alive and actively involved in my life, I was feeling frustrated recently about the lack of input I was getting from Him regarding some situations in my life. When I was complaining to my wife about it, instead of being encouraging she totally busted on me with a simple truth.

Our conversation went something like this:
Me: "You know if God promises to send his Holy Spirit to us to guide us and speak to us, how come I'm not hearing more from him as I make all these decisions about our future?"

Stephanie: "Didn't you go to a retreat last summer about hearing God?"

Me: "Yeah I did."

Stephanie: "What did they teach you."

Me: "That I need to be quiet and make space to ask God to speak to me and then to listen."

Stephanie: "So, are you asking him to speak to you?"

Me: "No. Dang it."
When I'm feeling the pressure of my circumstances the last thing I want to do is be quiet and listen for God to speak. In the moment it doesn't seem like slowing down is going to bring about any resolution. However, in reality, being quiet and listening for His voice is exactly what I need to do. I'll accomplish more following Jesus lead than I will ever accomplish on my own.