Faith Testing, Faith Revealing Questions

- Do I look, act, talk differently from others?
- Is my life doable without the hand of God actively working in it?
- Am I consumed with passion for God?
- Am I continually aware of the presence of God?
- How often do I abide in God, gaze at God, rest in God?
- Does my behavior show my faith in God's soverignty?
- How often am I amazed that God would speak to me?
- What is the last thing I heard from God?
- When was the last time I know God answered my prayer because there is no other explanation?
- What am I praying for that only God could answer?
- Are there things that I care about more than God?  Does my life show it?
- Do I invite God into all parts of my day?
- When was the last time I acted according to a prompt from the Holy Spirit?
- Do I pray?  I mean...really, really pray like nothing else matters more?