I RESOLVE to Pray!

Earlier this week Desiring God Ministries hosted their annual Pastor's Conference at Minneapolis Conference Center.  I was not able to attend, but thanks to the generosity of many people, the sessions are available to watch or listen to on the Desiring God website.

This year the theme was Prayer.  I have listened/watched to multiple sessions from the conference in the last couple days and the content is unbelievably convicting.  I simply do not pray like I should.  It is embarrassing to admit this but it is true, and I would venture it a safe guess that if the majority of Christians were honest, they would concur that their prayer lives are woeful as well.

Something to consider: as followers of Christ we have an infinitely powerful God who desires to to be known by us and to enter into deep, meaningful authentic relationship with his creation.  God has all resources at his disposal.  He has all power necessary to alter whatever circumstances we face.  He is inhibited and thwarted by nothing.  And yet, I spend a frighteningly small amount of time in prayer when compared to the other actions that make up my life.

I am making a concerted effort to pray more.  And not just to pray more, but to pray with more effort, more specificity, and more expectation for God to respond.  I have a journal and I am dedicating a section to writing out my prayers and tracking how God moves.  I am expecting BIG things because I am praying to a BIG God!