Jesus Blessing In the Midst of My Trial

A couple weeks ago we received a wonderful blessing from Jesus.  I was laying around on a Sunday afternoon when the doorbell rang.  I answered the door and it was our church treasurer.  He handed me an envelope with our name on it.  He said someone had dropped it in the offering plate that Sunday morning at church.  Inside the envelope was a card from an anonymous person in our church encouraging us in our time of unemployment.  They had also given us a gift card to get groceries.  What a blessing!  And how cool to have people in our church who are so generous and open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus has really been good to us during this time of trial.  He has given me much peace through this whole thing.  I am confident that God will provide for all our needs and that he has an infinite supply from which to bless us.  I am really praying that God would continue to speak to me, and that he would continue to reveal his purposes in my unemployment to Stephanie and I.  I am sure that God has much to show me and teach me, and I really want to remain open to Him.  I've learned that God has many lessons to teach us, but often the only way we learn is to walk through trial and struggle.

Jesus does not waste any circumstances.  He is a loving Father who is always working for His glory and for My greatest joy.  I am able to rest in this truth - employed or unemployed.