Notes from Mars Hill Leadership Coaching Video #1

Question: What kind of leader are you?
All leaders fall into one of these categories, and sometimes two.  All leaders and leadership types have different skills and weaknesses.

As you build out your leadership team, looks to ensure that all three leadership types are represented at the top.  Be faithful to the Bible, faithful to the people, faithful to the resources God has given to you.

Jesus was a prophet, priest, and a king. (we see this most clearly in the Book of Hebrews)

- doctrine, preaching, teaching (Sproul, Piper, Augustine, Spurgeon, Calvin)
- into books on theology, apologetics
- most of leadership comes from teachings/writing (sermons, classes, books)

- thinks more about people and their hurts
- Biblical counseling, spiritual disciplines
- more sheep focused than flock/resource focused
- gravitate towards justice, social issues, mercy, compassion
- traditional pastoral activities (counseling, small groups)
- most of leadership comes from friendship

- systems, policies, resources
- more flock/resources focused than sheep focused
- into books and people like Maxwell, Hybels, Stanley, Lencioni, Warren

3 Questions to Discover Your Leadership Style

1. What leaders do admire?
2. What leaders do you follow?
3. What leaders do you criticize? (Why do you criticize them?)

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