Part 4 in my Blog Series for Building Physical Intimacy between Husbands and Wives

This is my final entry on a series of blog entries I have done sharing my learning Men's Fraternity, which is a series of teaching videos by Pastor Robert Lewis.  So far I have posted on what men want woman to understand about them sexually, tips for men to engage their wives emotions which which will lead to wives engaging them sexually, how men can help their wives enjoy sex.  Today I will share some closing thoughts.

1.  Husbands are the keeper of their own sex lives.
  • You get what you give.
  • Initiate conversation about your sexual needs with each other outside the bedroom.
  • Keep growing in your sexual understanding and insight.  Great books are available to read together.
  • Don't sell out to fantasy.
  • Seek outside help for sexual roadblocks you can't work through.
2.  Remember: The best sex is not just an act; it is two lives in community.  This sex will grow richer and more satisfying with time. 

The 45 minute video this blog series is based on is an awesome teaching that has great potential for helping husbands and wives experience a a healthy, God-glorifying sex life with one another.  A couple takeaways for me were the affirmation of male sex drive, and the reminder for men to meet their wives emotional needs as a precursor to wives becoming more willing sexual partners.  Sex, like marriage, requires continual sacrifice of a spouses own needs to meet the needs of their partner.  It was also interesting to note that a man and woman's sex drives typically start opposite from one another (men=high, women=low) but that over time they move closer to one another.  Patience in waiting for and finding that sweet spot is the key.

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*Much of the above material comes from an outline by Pastor Lewis in the Winning at Work and Home notebook.  You can view the related teaching videos at the Men's Fraternity website here.