Police Officers & Speeding, Integrity & Peace

Last night I was driving home from hockey around 10 pm and I was passed by a police officer going the other direction.  Immediately I looked down at my speedometer to check my speed.  I was happy to see that I was right on the designated 30 MPH speed limit.  I had a feeling of peace and continued driving home without looking in my rear view mirror to see if the officer was following me.

I haven't always had this kind of peace.  There have been times I have looked down at the speedometer and been concerned about what I've seen.  Sometimes knowingly, and sometimes not, I have been speeding.  The feeling I get when I'm speeding and I see a police officer is not peace, it is fear.  Fear comes because I know I am not doing what I should be doing, and I am afraid of the consequences I may have to endure.

Integrity is walking without fear because you know that no matter who is around you are doing what is right.  Integrity is a trait that I am pursuing more and more of.  There is a temptation to comprise your integrity in all kinds of situations - work, marriage, gossip, thoughts, speech, what you look at.  There is unbelievable peace available when you follow the rules and do what you are supposed to - even when no one is looking.  That is what integrity brings, peace to your soul.  And it brings glory to God.