Tips from Scott Thomas on Working w/ Female Assistants

Acts 29 is posting links to some of their tops teachings, blog posts and articles of 2010.  Lots of great resources there for pastors, elders and anyone desiring to learn and grow.  One of the top blog posts was from Acts 29 President Scott Thomas called "Ten Tips When Working With Female Assistants." 

Here are a few of Thomas' ideas:
1. Communicate to your assistant your extra security with this arrangement and ask her not to take it personally when you have to restrict your relationship—sometimes seeming cold or disinterested.
3. Be careful showing her a compassionate ear. Females are attracted more to a strong leader who is also sensitive than they are to big studly arms (like yours!).
7. Never be alone with her. Never give her a ride alone. Never be alone in an office where others cannot monitor at all times.
9. Never talk to her about her dating life except as it negatively affects her work for you. Never talk to her about any difficulties you have in marriage. Only reiterate your commitment to your wife.