What Jesus Did for Me in a Prayer Meeting

Sunday night I attended a prayer meeting at my church.  It is a meeting open to anyone who wants to come and join with a community of believers and pray to Jesus.  We pray for all sorts of things.  We pray in petition for our town, our neighbors, our classmates, and our enemies.  We pray for the lost, for healing, and we pray for jobs.  We pray in praise, adoration, and worship to God.  And we pray for each other.

I went primarily because I am out of work and wanting God's provision and guidance as I take my next steps.  I also went because I love Jesus and I want to experience him more and more.  Finally I went because I am not the person I want to be, and I am believing that I can be transformed through prayer and intimacy with my heavenly Father.

Towards the end of the gathering I was asked what prayer requests I had for the group.  God gave me the courage to open up my heart and share some battles I had been fighting for many years.  The small group of people gathered around me, laid hands on my head, back and knee, and prayed such amazing prayers over me.  They spoke to me with the words of Jesus and encouraged me.  Their prayers opened the pathway for Jesus to come and touch my heart and refresh me spirit.  I was filled with hope.  Even a young girl who was there was bold enough to share the words she felt God was giving her to say to me, and I was so blessed.

I didn't expect all that but I should have.  God is refining me right now.  He is stripping away the impurities of my soul, in some cases things I didn't even know where there.  It is painful.  It is difficult.  It is humbling.  And it is wonderful.  Because I know that when he is done, I will be a child of light, dangerous against darkness, and dangerous for Jesus.

In His name, for His fame, to His glory!