11 Strategies to Save a Dying Church

My friend Chris posted an article on his blog written by Bill Easum called "A Hail Mary Strategy for Turnaround."  In the article Easum lays out 11 things he thinks small churches must to do avoid dying out.  Here's a taste of his thinking:
Find a way to have a full time pastor/planter who will commit for three years . I know you can’t afford this at the moment but you must find a way or you will continue to decline. A part time pastor does not have the time to do all that is necessary to restart a church.

Develop one or two signature ministries.  Churches with less than 300 in worship can only do one or two key ministries. I suggest one of these be a children’s ministry fashioned after Promise Land from Willow Creek. You will not be able to afford  to purchase it, but you can easily put your own program together once you understand the basics.
There's a lot of advice in this article that will be beneficial for churches who are willing to die to themselves in order to reach out to their neighbors and cities.  Hail Mary scenarios are desperate and they take desperate people to pull off.  They are also scenarios that can produce amazing kingdom fruit though the supernatural working of Jesus.