9 Steps for Goal Accomplishment

A friend sent me a link to an article by Heidi Halvorson called "9 Things Successful People Do Differently."  There are some helpful ideas in the article.
... decades of research on achievement suggests that successful people reach their goals not simply because of who they are, but more often because of what they do.
Here are the 9 things Halvorson suggests:

1. Get Specific
2. Seize the Moment to Act on Your Goals
3. Know Exactly How Far You Have Left to Go
4. Be a realistic Optimist
5. Focus on Getting Better Rather Than on Being Good
6. Have Grit
7. Build Your Willpower Muscle
8. Don't Tempt Fate
9. Focus on What You Will Do, Not What You Won't Do

*For more on using each of these strategies, check out Halvorson's book Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals.