Book Review: Bringing Jon Home

Bringing Jon Home is the story of a family working with all available resources, and with a lack of governmental support, to find the body of their son who disappeared after summiting Grand Mogul, a mountain in Sawtooth Mountain Range of central Idaho in 2006.  The story of written by David Francis, the father of Jon, who was 24 when he disappeared.

Francis writing is filled with emotion.  While reading the story it is like you are sitting with a father who is still processing the loss of a child, explaining his frustration with local and state law enforcement, and sharing with you his hope to use his tragic experience for good somewhere down the road.

There are many parties involved with the search for Jon Francis, some painted in favorable light and other not so favorably.  That is one of the things I liked about the story.  In a politically correct world, the fact that David Francis put his frustration and disagreement with people down in his book is courageous and refreshingly honest.  While there are always two-sides to a story I liked hearing some raw emotion.

I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to lose a child.  There is however one thing I believe David Francis missed in his book.  He repeatedly talks about how much his Jon loved God and wanted to serve him, but I get the impression that David is still blind to the spiritual impact of Jon's death. 

I could be totally wrong here, but what is never mentioned is the idea that God has used this tragedy to make an impact (both spiritually and in the process of search and rescue) that is much wider than may have been possibly without Jon's death.  By writing a book and sharing the story of Jon's death, David Francis has shared the beauty of God and the love of Jesus with thousands who may never otherwise hear.