Daddy Daughter Dance 2011

This picture is from the Northfield YMCA Daddy Daughter Dance a few weeks ago.  It was a fun night for Izzy and I.  We started our date by going to Hogan Brothers for subs and soup.  Then we went to the dance.  We had a blast learning some dance moves, doing some crafts, and eating snacks. 

Here's a neat part of the story.  Earlier in the week I had decided not to go to the event because we didn't have the extra money for tickets and a babysitter for the other kids.  I prayed all week asking the Lord to provide money.  On Friday Stephanie received an unexpected card and some gift certificates from her students at school.  The dance tickets were $26 and the gift certificates were $25!  How cool is that!

Then on Saturday afternoon I got a call from my neighbor.  He was bringing his daughter to the dance and he said he wanted to bless us by covering our sitter costs that night.  Man, God is so good!
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