A Difficult, but Dead-On Word for Parents on Sacrifice

Justin Buzzard posted this quote today.  Hard word.  Good word.
The only way that your children will grow beyond their dependency into self-sufficient adults is for you to essentially abandon your own independence for twenty years or so…You can make the sacrifice, or they’re going to make the sacrifice. It’s them or you. Either you suffer temporarily and in a redemptive way, or they’re going to suffer tragically, in a wasteful and destructive way. -Tim Keller, King’s Cross
If by some amazing, God-ordained way you read my blog and live in the San Jose, CA area then you really need to check out the church Justin and his wife are planting called Garden City Church.  I've been following Justin via blog and Twitter for over 2 years and the guy is a solid, Jesus-loving pastor.  If we lived in San Jose Garden City Church is where we'd go.