Making Memories

One of the reasons I blog is so that I can look back at my life and see the things I've done and thought about, books I've read, places I've gone, changes in the kids, etc., etc.  One thing I am trying to do in 2011 is spend more money on experiences and less money on things.  Experiences will last so much longer than things, because experiences never break, lose parts, or get lost.  They stay with you in times of joy and sorrow and shared experiences deepen relationships.  Some of the experiences we've had so far in 2011 include:

Boys trip to International Falls, MN

Mall of America Waterpark

5 Guys Burger and Fries (Rochester)
Stephanie/Izzy girl's shopping and dinner
Breakfast at McDonald's w/ Jacob
MN Wild Game w/ Aaron (v. Buffalo)
Boy's trip to Let's Play Hockey Expo
Staying up late watching High School Hockey Tournament
Rock n' Roll Revival (Stephanie/Izzy)

- trips to MOA Toddler Tuesday 
- going to see Papa Craig's new semi-truck