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Man-Up 20 Something Men!

I have a growing conviction that most young people come out of college drastically unprepared for real life.  College is largely an extension of adolescent life and an incubator of alcohol abuse, sexual exploration, atheism, left-wing political activism and an addiction to virtual life through Facebook and hours upon hours of video game mastery.  Life skills like budgeting, communication skills in relationships, integrity, investing wealth, reducing debt, and planning for your future are things that college passes right over.

What many students are left with after 4-5 years of college are huge debts, an entire collection of Halo games, little passion or plan for their careers, and a closet full of skeletons.  Maybe that's being over dramatic - I obviously don't know your life.  But from my observations I see increasing numbers of young men who spend their time at college 'living it up' without spending any time seriously developing a plan for their futures.  The amount of money that 20 somethings spend eating out, drinking, and enjoying social activities is unbelievable.

I wonder how much different things would be if these same people lived more frugally, gave faithfully to a church, purchased homes and paid down the principle, set aside savings, prepared themselves for marriage and parenting, built their careers, and focused on entering manhood instead of extending adolescence.  It would be an amazing gift to offer a future spouse and family, Lord willing.

Sadly most people see the lessons of life most clearly in the mistakes of past.  I certainly know this is true for me.  One of the best pieces of advice I didn't take was my grandmother suggesting I buy a trailer home after college and live in it for a few years.  Now, maybe a trailer home isn't exactly my style, but the point is clear.  You're done with college.  It is time to man up and start building your future.

I know most guys don't want to hear this, but if you follow my advice I promise you you'll thank me in 10 years.  You need to plug into a church, start giving your money, buy your own house, lay out a plan for your future, decide the characteristics you want in a wife and then go find her, start saving for the kids you don't have yet, and commit to living on less than you are making.

If you are older than 24, it is time to start thinking about more important things that the next trip to Cancun, who has the best Happy Hour deals, and when Grand Theft Auto 825 will release.
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