Random Thoughts

- I wrote a praise song for our pre K - Grade 3 kids at church tonight.  I think they liked it.
- Been feeling emotionally and spiritually drained the last couple days.
- I'm seriously ready to go back to work.  BTW- did you see this report on the difference in unemployment rates among MN blacks and whites? MN is worst in the nation.  Crazy.
- Looking forward to Elephant Room next week thanks to the generosity of this guy.
- Picking up the house is a constant battle, same goes with the laundry.
- I was blessed to attend two Wild game this week.  Sunday was an 8-1 loss to Montreal, and Tuesday a 3-0 loss to Toronto.
- Lately I've been thinking about the spiritual significance and spiritual influences of dreams.
- I need to lose about 30 lbs.  That stinks.