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2011 Weight Loss Plan

Yesterday I signed our family back up with a membership at the local YMCA.  I have gained 20 extra pounds in the last 4 months and I finally decided now was the time to do something about it.  It great to lift some weights and exercise again, although I'm a little sore this morning.

My life of fitness has been a bit of a roller coaster.  My weight has fluctuated between 195-225lbs for the last 10 years.  In that time I've stayed fairly active by running 2 marathons ('05 & '10), playing softball, occasional weight lifting, and general activity with my family.  However I have also abused myself with small amounts of sleep, late night snacks, some slothfulness, and the irrational desire to finish the food on each of my kids plates at meal times.

My goal is to slim down to 200lbs by July. 

Here are some reasons why I want to lose weight.
1. I want to honor and glorify God with the only body he has given me.  This is stewardship.
2. I want to be an example of health for my wife and children to follow.  This is headship.
3. I want to remain active and healthy with my kids as they get older.  This is involvement.
4. I want to improve my self-confidence and present myself well to others.  This is leadership.

Here's a few of the specific, measurable steps I'm going to take to get there:
1. No eating after 8pm.
2. Not eating ALL the food off my kids plates.
3. Lifting weights at 3x a week.
4. Getting to bed before 11pm.
5. Avoiding candy and 'munching' during the day.
6. Limit the use of condiments with meals.
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