Christians Don't Make Gay Jokes

LA Laker's star basketball player Kobe Bryant was fined $100K by the NBA recently for shouting a disparaging homosexual remark at a official during a basketball game.  The situation is receiving ALL KINDS of media attention and just about every talk show host around the country is commenting about it.

At the end of March I watched some pastors confess how God was leading them to a place of repentance around using homosexual terms and behaviors as jokes.  I was impacted by their explanation that since Christians don't joke about the sexual sins of pornography and adultery (which are as great of sins as homosexual behavior) they shouldn't make gay jokes either.  Great point.  Someone living a gay life is not going to be open to the Gospel if the pastor is making jokes about their lifestyle.

Showing respect for someone is different than affirming and advocating for the decisions they make.  As Christians we should show the love of Jesus to homosexuals by building honest, caring friendships with them - not by labeling and making fun of them.

I really like what Perry Noble says at about the 3:30 mark about how Satan has tried to normalize homosexuality in the minds of a culture by getting people to laugh at it.  If you look at the portrayal of homosexuality on TV and in movie it is often a very likable, funny, agreeable character.  As that person becomes normative in the minds of viewers if gets to be very difficult to view their behavior as sinful.  This is why I am so cautious about watching (and allowing my family to watch) shows with homosexual characters. 

Here's the clip:

Jokes About Gay People? from Harvest Bible Chapel on Vimeo.