Thoughts on the Royal Wedding

I doubt this quote will be popular among many Christians, but I also think its unpopularity will be a reaction from people who know the depth of truth the quote contains.
I was grieved further by the seeming inability of genuine Christians to be offended at what we witnessed. Is the gospel adorned by an openly fornicating couple, forced into church by obligation, led in prayer by resurrection denying-Green Peace-ministers who care more about carbon footprints and unity at the expense of truth than fidelity to the revealed word of God and the gospel? (if you doubt it, google Arch Bishop of Canterbury and Bishop of London) - From Pastor James McDonald's blog
I never got into the Royal Wedding business.  There was something about the world's almost worship of these two young people that I didn't like.  The expense and extravagance of the wedding is hard to stomach in the face of the financial needs of the world.  I don't understand the consumerist lust and voyeurism of people (especially woman and young girls) who watch this thing.  Now a whole generation of girls have been exposed to the seeds of a false dream of what their future 'perfect' wedding will have to be like.