Weekend Mind Dump

- Man/Sports weekend comes to a close.
- Had a great time playing hockey.
- My team was 3-1.  I had 9 goals.  Some assists too.
- Chipotle is not a good pregame meal.
- Grateful my mom and sister came watch.
- Also loved having my wife and kids there.
- Jon Bradley is a great guy with a great family.
- So is Mike Frost.
- I'll be icing my knee for a couple days.  Hit with a puck.
- Masters golf tournament was amazing!
- Really bummed for Rory McIlroy.  He's handling his blow-up w/ class.
- Exciting to see Tiger get back into the hunt.
- I can't wait to golf again with Jon Towey.
- Thanks to my brother Aaron for opening his home to me.
- Missed being at Bible study and church though.
- Did not eat well today.  Too much pizza.
- Watched Top Gun last night.  Classic movie.
- Ready to start working out again.
- I might even start swimming.  Maybe.
- My wife is AMAZING.  Never complains.  Always serves.  Love her!
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