5 Reflective Questions to Sharpen Your Life & Work

My brother Jeffrey emailed me these 5 questions a couple weeks ago to encourage me and help give me some direction in my job search.  I am unsure where he got them.  I've been trying to come back to them ever so often as a way of focusing my mind.

1. What are my values? (these determine your everyday decisions)

2. What are my loads limits? (if you plug too many circuits into one outlet, it will blow)

3. What do I need to stop doing ("Those who build good to great companies and lives make as much use of 'stop doing' lists as 'to do' lists.  They display a remarkable discipline to unplug all sorts of extraneous junk.")

4.  What are my strengths?

5. What season of life am I in? (we all go through different seasons of life)