Don't Just Read the Word, Share it With Others

Yesterday I was listening to a sermon by James McDonald (part of a free resource gift package at attending Elephant Room) focused on growing in your faith by reading the Bible.  It was a great message, and one part that really stuck with me was the exhortation to "share something you read in the Word with someone else everyday."

Not only does that help me better remember the text, but it also can be a blessing or encouragement to someone else.  I remembered McDonald's teaching today and I was able to share two different verses with some friends at the park, as well as sending an email to my pastor with a verse perfecting speaking into a situation at our church.

Share the Word.  It is easy.  Plus, if you are reading everyday, you will have an endless supply of material.

You can purchase McDonald's message The Discipline of Personal Bible Study by clicking the link.