Sustaining Faith, Surprise Emails, and Seeking to Honor

I woke up last Monday morning expecting this to be a great week.  I had a meeting Monday night I was really excited about, and I had a job interview with Walmart set-up for Thursday.  I was expecting big things!

It was hard not to worry when I received a couple emails on Monday that threatened the necessity of cancelling my meeting.  But, rather than being afraid or upset, I went to prayer and God sustained my faith.  The meeting was not cancelled.

Monday afternoon I received an unexpected email about a possible job opportunity at a church in Woodbury that I would be really excited about.  It was from a friend I haven't talked to since college.  Later, on Wednesday, I got an email from a great Christian company called Youthworks who would like to talk next week about setting up an interview!

I'm not completely sure what God is up to, but I am going to continue seeking him, following his leading, and striving to honor him in everything I say and do.