Show People What the Bible Says (and How You Can't Measure Up)

As a pastor and preacher I've heard a lot of different opinions on how much a preacher should talk about himself and his life from the pulpit.  I've heard many times that preachers need to be 'appropriately authentic and transparent' to show the congregation they are real people experiencing Christ just like the church attenders do.

Tim Keller posted about the preaching of English preacher Dr. Martin Llyod-Jones who spoke on this very subject.  Dr. Llyod-Jones words go against much of the common practice of preaching today, but I really like what he says.
He also makes the case that, paradoxically, the preacher has greater credibility if he does not preach mainly out of his own experience, but shows that the message has come out of the Word itself. Instead of saying, "here's my experience, and this is how the Bible played a role in it," the preacher should say, "this is what the Bible says, and it actually contradicts my desires and intuitions, but I'm showing it to you because this message is from God, not from me."