Some Guatemala Thoughts

Had so much fun with my family.
So happy for my sister and new brother.
Loved eating new foods.
Beautiful landscape.
The golf course I played was amazing.
Had my best shot ever to hole a 2 on a par 3.
Playing golf with a caddie is sweet.
I'm not a big fan of the 'market.'
I don't like bartering and being harassed by merchants.
Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala.  (Call of the chicken bus drivers.)
Twisty, mountain roads are scary.
Missed flushing my toilet paper.  Especially with a stomach bug.
Church is different there. 
Enjoyed sharing the message at both of the wedding ceremonies.
I'm now an official international preacher.
Quality time with just my wife.  So nice.
I wish Henna tattoo lasted longer.
I was majorly sun-burned after only 1 hour at the pool.
The house we stayed at was really neat.  I liked the courtyards.
Watching TV in Spanish isn't the same.
Eating wings and watching NHL at a bar in Guatemala is pretty cool though.
Gallio beer is NOT tasty.
Best McDonald's I've ever visited was in Antigua.
Met some great people doing great work down there.
Running up the hill to the giant cross was fun.
I love panoramic views of volcanoes.