Book Review: The 100 Thing Challenge

Today I spent some of my Sabbath rest time finishing the book The 100 Thing Challenge by Dave Bruno (who blogs here).  In the book Bruno describes his wrestling with American-style consumerism and his attempt to unwind himself from the grip 'things' formed on his life.  In place of wild exploits about life without stuff, Bruno instead shares the lessons he learned during his time reevaluating what he needs and doesn't need to feel happy and engaged in his life. 

The book (and the idea of living with 100 things) is intriguing to me.  While I enjoy buying and having new things, I also get frustrated from time to time when I step back and look at all the things we have accumulated in our home.  Inspired by what I was reading I emptied out an entire junk drawer on Saturday and filled half the garbage can with junk from the garage that I didn't need. 

One thing I learned while doing all the cleaning was that I have bent toward keeping something because "I might need it someday."  I think this is a mindset I inherited from my parents.  I grew up on a farm and my dad had all kinds of stuff stored in coffee cans and bins all over the property.  After reading The 100 Thing Challenge I am making a commitment to keep less stuff in case I need it, and to just go and buy something when I need it.