Purging Materialism from My Life

I have continued my journey in simplicity for the last few days looking through my things and trying to organize or eliminate as much as possible.

Here's what I have done thus far...

- tossed out 1/2 a garbage can full of junk in the garage (old caulk bottles, broken tools, etc.)
- reorganized and emptied an entire drawer in the kitchen that was filled with junk
- reorganized and emptied two of my dresser drawers
- reorganized and emptied one bathroom drawer (I have all my toiletries in 1 drawer now)
- threw away old hockey stick blades, rotten laces and straps, and misc. other junk
- donated 3 bags of clothes, toys, and books to a local school (who will give to a women's shelter if they are not sold in a fundraising garage sale)

It feels great getting rid of things that I don't want/need/use often.  I am learning that the more I give away the less I want to accumulate.  This is completely contrary to the way I often think, which is, the more I get the more I want.