13 Do's (and Don't) for Giving an Engaging, Enjoyable Presentation

I've been a part of many presentations, of all different size groups, and I've seen things that make the time go by quickly, as well as things that have made the time drag along. 

Here are a few pointers to make your presentation to me more engaging, enjoyable and professional.

1. Include some personal stories to supplement your content
2. Use different tones of voice
3. Give me a hand-out to follow along and fill in some blanks
4. Offer me meaningful chances to ask questions or give input
5. Emphasis why the material you're presenting is important

1. Talk with food, gum, or your fingers in your mouth
2. Over use the dramatic/ thinking pause
3. Whisper
4. Ask for input that is obvious or unnecessary
5. Continually repeat yourself, continually repeat your self
6. Talk, pause, Talk, pause, Talk, pause
7. Be completely robotic and monotone
8. Pretend something is more important or exciting than it really is