Choose Your Words Wisely

This is a great reminder from Pastor James MacDonald that as parents we need to choose wisely what battles to fight and how to fight them.  Too many nights I've laid down to sleep regretting my short temper and angry words trough-out the evening.  I want to pour into my kids, not shut them out.
We only get so many words in our families. The older our kids get, the fewer words we have with them. What are you going to spend your words on? “Clean up your room!” “I asked you five times to take out the garbage!” “How many cookies have you had since lunch?” Is that how you’re going to spend your words? Like that’s going to have a big impact! I fear we’re wasting our words on issues of little value, and then we’re too exhausted to pour into our families the kind of truth that can be a fountain of life to them. Instead, let’s choose words of truth that build and guide and that establish a foundation of wisdom for our families that will last them a lifetime. 
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