How to Effectively Engage Your Critics

I've been thinking recently about how to build relationships with people who you disagree with, or people who disagree with you.  I think how Christians effectively engage their critics is increasingly important as we move into a more and more hostile, and post-Christian culture.

That being said, here are some things I think you shouldn't do:
- insult them
- put them down
- call them names
- completely blow them off
- let them upset you
- fight online (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

And now, some things you should do:
- seek to understand
- look for points of agreement to build on
- speak from a position of logic, not emotion
- get to know the person - as a person
- stand on your convictions found in Scripture
- live an exemplary life
- admit your hypocrisy
- trust Jesus as the victorious one