"I Hate Money", A Poem, Kinda

Man I hate money. 

I feel like I never have enough.  Yet I feel strange about how much I actually have.  I spend more time thinking about money (how much I have, need, want, have to pay-off, should save, etc.) than probably anything else. 

I would like to buy many things.  I would like to pay off many debts.  I would like to give many things away.

I am stingy to the point over being over-bearing and a nitpick.  On the other hand, I can drop a wad of cash at a chance to play golf.  I can bear my own inconsistencies, but it must be hard on the people closest to me.

I don't want my kids to remember their dad being cheap.  Yet I don't want them to think they deserve Dairy Queen after ever baseball game, or slushies from SA every time we get gas either.  It is a difficult balance.

Marriage complicates money.  Or is it vice versa?  Who gets to spend what?  How can I argue with a purchase my spouse makes when I make silly purchases myself?  Tough calls.

And how does my faith effect my finances.  I think Jesus wants me to be a wise steward of the money that is his.  He also wants me to have joy in the things he has created for me to enjoy.  I could find joy in a boat, but is that wise?  Is sending my kids to private school wise?  There is definitely a little joy in Chiptole and a fountain pop, but how wise is it to eat out once a week?  Or twice?

Man I hate money.